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The two great product lines BASIS and GALA by SCHRAMM
Compose your individual dream bed from millions of combination options in styles, headboards, panels, fabrics, mattresses, feet, etc. Of course handmade in Germany.



Home of sleep

Founded in 1923 as an upholstery and saddlery workshop SCHRAMM started to specialise in manufacturing high quality mattresses and base mattresses in the mid-sixties. For the 21st century, SCHRAMM built a completely new manufactory: A generous architecture involving steel and glass provides enough space to accommodate state of the art production procedures as well as handcraft processing techniques. Today, Axel Schramm is the CEO of SCHRAMM Werkstätten GmbH employing app. 180 staff members.
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Basis und Gala = Origins


The two great bed lines

BASIS The SCHRAMM sleep system forms a structural unity along with the bed frame (boxspring). An elaborate method of manufacturing provides for the required slightly low mounting of the supporting springs. Thereby, an upholstered shell is created which allows the top mattress to rest freely on top and flush to the base mattress. BASIS always comes with upholstered panels – either 12, 18 or 25 cm wide – which may of course be dressed by valances. Depending on the bed combination (separate headboards and divided panel covers), a BASIS double bed may be used as two full-fledged single beds at any time.
GALA The modular concept of GALA combines simplicity with replaceability and an almost infinite diversity. The SCHRAMM sleep system is placed inside the panel frame. SCHRAMM offers two different panel heights – 18 and 28 cm – in three different thicknesses, small (S), medium (M) and large (L), each available either as a textile, wooden or lacquered version (L only available as textile version with GALA 18).

Both product lines feature a comprehensive assortment of headboards, panel shapes, valances and feet to choose from so that you can compose your personal unique bed. You can select between bed widths ranging from 80 to 200 cm, single or double beds, with or without motor-driven adjustment, and integrated storage box options.



Basis und Gala Aufbau

Mehrfunktionen Basis



Doppelbett DB 50


BASIS 18/25 double bed version DB50
End-to-end removable panel cover and end-to-end headboard without divisibility and slewability option.
Feet visible only in the outer corners of the double bed.

Doppelbett DS 30


BASIS 18/25 double bed version DS30
Double bed slewability with end-to-end headboard. The swivel fitting is mounted on the outside of the headboard to the left and right,
the frame coupling fitting connects both bed sections. Facilitates cleaning and care.

Doppelbett DS20


BASIS 18/25 double bed version DS20
Double bed slewability with 2 headboards. The swivel fitting is mounted between the headboards.
The bed is separable.

Doppelbett DS10


BASIS 18/25 double bed version DS10
Double bed slewability without headboards. The swivel fitting is mounted between the headpanels.
The bed is separable.

Doppelbett DS 20


BASIS 18/25 double bed version DB00
Double bed with 2 individual headboards. Both beds are connected by a frame coupling fitting.
After both beds are separated, the frame coupling fitting can be easily swung under the bed.
Three-sided removable panel cover per double bed section.

Mehrfunktionen Gala



Doppelbett DB00


GALA double bed version DB-00
End-to-end foot panel GALA-18 or 28-S in fabric, wood or paint finish and end-to-end headboard without slewability.
Feet visible only at the outer corners of the double bed.
The double bed version DB00 features a centred brace for inserting the two base mattresses.

separated panel


without storage box


with storage box


GALA double bed version DS-30 swivel-type
Double bed slewability with end-to-end headboard.
The swivel fitting is mounted to the left and outer right sides of the headboard; the coupling bracket at the foot
end connects both halves of the bed. With the slewable double bed version there is no panel at the inner
longitudinal sides so that the mattresses aline to each other without the typical crack between the beds.
(Technical modifications reserved.) Available with GALA 18-S or 28-S.

The dual mattress system


The unsurpassed sleep comfort offered by ORIGINS – BASIS and GALA - is based on the synergy effect of the SCHRAMM dual mattress system composed of a highly elastic, flexible top mattress and a stable, highly responsive base mattress. Select the mattress of your dreams from a comprehensive range of exclusively handmade spring and pocket spring mattresses with
individual, delicately differentiated spring tension formulas, shoulder cavity for side sleepers and many more features. Supported by an accurately adapted base mattress – upon request optionally adjustable either manually or almost silently power-operated by remote control, or by Secondary Contour Adaptation – you get to know the basis of perfect relaxation.
More information on SCHRAMM dual mattress system ›

SHIFT operation

The adjustability of ORIGINS BASIS and GALA.
Apart from the non-adjustable base mattress and the manually adjustable head raising and/or head and foot raising adjustment, a four or five section, motor-driven adjustable base mattress may be installed in your bed.

Power-operated base mattresses featuring SHIFT technology automatically move about 25 cm towards the head end when the back section is lifted, permitting an ergonomic seating position to be retained and keeping the bedside table within easy reach. The operation works absolutely smoothly and stagelessly.
Since GALA lacks a structural connection between the base mattress and the bed frame, a non-adjustable base mattress, for example, may easily be replaced with a motor-driven adjustable one at any time.
According to which type of motor is used, not only the angle of vision for reading and watching TV may be adjusted and the pressure exerted on the calves and heels may be fine-tuned but also the seating position may be improved individually.
More information on SHIFT ›
Shift Schema

Comparative chart
of all base mattresses
and their operations

Here you will find a complete overview of the specifications of all base mattresses by SCHRAMM for ORIGINS and GALA. For advisory service and for initial mattress testing please see one of our authorized SCHRAMM retailers who will gladly provide you with detailed and qualified advice.
Comparative chart of SCHRAMM base mattresses ›

Patented shoulder cavity


Are you a side sleeper?
Do you sometimes have to try for hours to find
a comfortable resting position?

Give a cold shoulder to the nightly tossing and turning! The patented shoulder cavity system will completely relieve your situation. The spring tension in the shoulder area determines a relaxed sleeping position while resting on the side. The shoulder must be allowed to sink in without „drowning“, therefore this area requires reduced spring tensions and the deliberately selected resilience of the ticking while providing gentle support at the same time. SCHRAMM adjusts the formula to the sleeper’s weight and habits, thereby allowing for a boundless sense of well-being. Please note an additional refinement: there are no longitudinal stitchings, especially in the shoulder area, in order not to jeopardize pure indulgence.
All information on SCHRAMM sleep system ›

Haute couture.

The SCHRAMM bed distinguishes itself by the most delicate details. We achieve this outstanding result by making use of a very special tool: the human hand. For this is the only way to unite valuable components to form such a matchless whole. Experience every detail of perfect sleep comfort yourself.

Making use of their comprehensive expertise ranging from traditional handcraft to sophisticated production organisation 180 staff members in the carpenter, upholstery and tailor workshops manufacture high-end sleep comfort with utmost handcraft precision and considerable personal dedication. The uncompromising decision in favour of genuine quality handcraft and against rationalized mass production makes a perceptible difference – and SCHRAMM an exception to modern mass markets. The accurate blending of classy materials, a well-rehearsed team of sensitive hands and expert knowledge acquired for decades make a SCHRAMM bed what it is: perfectly handmade in Germany.
Handmade in Germany – the movie ›
Each single SCHRAMM bed is an individual tailor-made
customization for your good sleep.

Selected natural materials such as pure new wool from French free-range sheep are used for upholstery. Thus offering you a relaxed sleep experience making you dream for years and years to come. In combination with our handmade pocket spring core the different layers of padding adapt perfectly to your body contours. Pure sleep indugence and fantastic comfort is guaranteed.

Cotton, pure new wool from French free-range sheep, silk, linen and cashmere as well as various other natural unbonded padding materials are the components of incomparable sleep comfort. Using natural materials, professional sensitivity and passionate handcrafting, SCHRAMM produces unique items offering individual flexibility and a natural bed climate.

Selected natural materials


Thermal furnace-tempered

Only springs which have undergone a thermal furnace- tempering after winding are used for the SCHRAMM pocket spring mattresses GRAND CRU N°1, DIVINA and MYTHOS.
They are resistant to fatigue and overstressing and additionally demagnetised – worldwide unique. Depending on individual weight, weight distribution and sleeping habits, springs of varying strength are active inside a mattress. Since each cylindrical spring is manually sewn into an individual nettle cloth pocket it can respond independently of adjacent springs, closely molding itself to the contours and movements of the body. Pure individualism for top sleep culture.
This is how an entirely sensitive mattress featuring velvety resilience and incomparable resting comfort is made.

Best sleep climate

The spring design of the dual mattress system provides for a free air circulation in all directions, vertically as well as horizontally. Highly valuable, breathable natural materials prevent dammed-up moisture; the unlimited moisture removal creates an outstanding bed climate. The careful and diligent processing contributes to this effect. Padding materials are fixed to each other via an elaborate tacking system (the SCHRAMM blind tacking system) and not – as is customary – glued almost airtight to each other. Thus the aeration of the mattress is ensured in an optimal way.
More information on bed climate ›
Schabracken Tagesdecken

BASIS always comes with a padded panel of 12 cm, 18 cm or 25 cm width. A multi-layered padding of high-quality upholstery materials is carefully mounted onto a solid wooden frame.

The incredible versatility of panels and combination options is what the GALA range owes its name to. SCHRAMM produces two different panel widths, 18 and 28 cm, in three different thicknesses, small (S), medium (M) and large (L), respectively as a textile version or with a wooden or varnished finish (GALA 18-L only available as textile version).

Blenden Gala

Feet and castors

Füsse und Rollen

Schramm Holzauswahl
Schramm Holzarten
SCHRAMM will finish your bed in any colour or stain you desire to match the personal interior furnishings in your bedroom – a unique bed creation, perfect interior design. All wooden surfaces are optionally available in natural or silky matte finish.

Schramm Origins Bettenprogramm



The illustrated bed/headboard combinations are selected bed arrangements.The BASIS line offers you the possibility to create your personal bed by selecting the panel width of 12, 18 or 25 cm, the headboard, the feet or castors, the cover or the valance as well as the wood species, fabrics and colours.
As an alternative to the standard flat Unic panel cover you may choose the seamed Aura panel cover as a removable version (only available for BASIS 18 and 25). Ranging from classically elegant to modern style, the pictured valances round off the textile design options.



The pictured bed/headboard combinations are selected bed arrangements featured by the modular system in innumerable variations.
The GALA line offers you the possibility to create your personal bed by selecting the headboard, the panel style, the valance or the feet as well as the wood species, fabrics and colours. Moreover, an additional foot section is available.



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